About BOSS

In 2007 a few of us started a Liverpool FC fanzine called BOSS Mag. In 2011 we put on a gig for our mates in the key of the mag called BOSS Night.
Since then we've carried on putting on events for our mates in Liverpool and around the world. With Jamie Webster, Kieran Molyneux, Ben Burke, Timo Tierney and often special guests like John Power, Peter Hooton, Ian Prowse, Jamie Carragher and more we've had loads of fun where ever we've turned up.
And we've turned up in a lot of places now. From Liverpool we've travelled to the Middle East, across Europe and out to America.
For upcoming BOSS Nights see below or keep an eye on Twitter / Facebook. For videos from our gigs see our YouTube channel. For pics see Instagram.
Booking enquiries: .ku.oc.thginssob%40sgnikoob

Upcoming Gigs